Château Toumalin

The wine-making process

Château Toumalin respects the fruits of the land that bring these wines their fullness, meticulously preparing them to produce exceptional wines.

Thus the grapes are grown using sustainable methods, harvested, and sorted two times to retain only the best berries. These are proportioned according to the quality of each vineyard before being fermented in thermo-regulated concrete vats, which enable the best control of this step of the process.

Because patience and expertise are required to make the best wines, Château Toumalin has chosen to allow the grapes' natural full-bodied qualities to develop in oak barrels for a period of between 3 to 24 months under Stéphane Derenoncourt's oenology cabinet watchful eye.

Close, constant attention to the slightest detail is the privilege of great wines, and so Château Toumalin continues to monitor its wines from harvest to bottling.